A bit about...

Some dictionaries suggest to 'search' is "trying to find something by looking or otherwise seeking carefully and thoroughly." Some define 'research' - at least in its verb form - as "investigating systematically."

I am not sure what my looking or investigating is specifically focused on; whether it's careful or not; nor whether it's systematic sometimes it's more like the salmon circle image below, or the proverbial knot.

Research & Writing

Contradictions, complexities, conflict abound around us. Here is an exploration of some those through synthesizing and reflecting various ways of thinking and relating. Not just a collection of thoughts and perspectives (and stories and riffs and rants) – this is also about how we relate to people and places within us and around us. I love to research, synthesize, and write. Content on this website is part of that process.

Drawing & Design

My drawing and design ability is basic, yet provides some relief for issues on my mind and in my research. Many of these illustrations relate to wild salmon and our 'management' of them. To read them in context it assists to visit www.salmonguy.org a blog I was active on for several years. I hope to grow this gallery through exploring various themes which the illustrations cover.

Speaking & Teaching

I have been an invited and keynote speaker on a variety of issues in a variety of venues: museums, music festivals, schools, and conferences to name a few. My main topic has often been wild salmon and our sometimes complicated, yet also simple relationships with them. However, I have also spoken about fundraising, operating not-for-profit organizations, and complexity & systems thinking.